RAM Capital

Asset Management


Protection first

As an independent company, we have built our business solely on our ability to manage our clients’ assets wisely. Today, as ever, our priorities are clear: capital protection first, followed by performance. Our conservatism in that respect has served our clients well – including in 2008, which we regard as a defining year.

Our track record may be summed up as follows:
A successful 11-year track record managing a foreign emerging market hedge fund
Successful asset allocation and management of large portfolios and fixed income mandates in both emerging markets and investment-grade programs
Successful management of stand-alone fixed-income mandates throughout the credit markets

Portfolio management

We offer three approaches to portfolio management :

Conservative Portfolio

focuses on capital preservation, with the potential to deliver income.

Balanced Portfolio

strikes a balance between capital preservation and regular income through growth.

Growth Portfolio

gives priority to the potential for capital gains.

Risk management

We use the strictest risk-management methodology to construct, assess and monitor the risk exposures of the investments in our portfolios and in-house funds. In this way we ensure constant compliance with the portfolio mandate, with no possibility of deviation.

The main features of our risk management methodology are:

  • Value-at-risk analysis (VaR)
  • Stress testing
  • Scenario analysis
  • Portfolio monitoring (average duration, credit risk, weightings, ratings etc.)
  • Proprietary quantitative analysis
  • Investment-mandate compliance check

The RAM Capital team includes a dedicated risk manager and assistant. They are responsible for supervising these procedures, to ensure that they are carried out systematically.

Tailor-made strategies

Upon request, we will create a portfolio strategy tailored exactly to your investment and risk profiles. This highly personalised approach can be fine-tuned continually as your situation evolves.

Fund selection

We offer our services in two main areas.
Our primary focus is on fund selection and advisory services for investors. We pride ourselves on our principles of objectiveness, dedication, agility and integrity. With a team that represents over 100 years’ experience, and with a track record of over ten years, we have provided our investors with continuous returns.
In addition we strive to instil our values, along with our expertise, to enable skilled fund managers to yield superior gains. This relationship also allows us to provide our investors with an exceptional level of transparency in these select assets.

Foreign exchange (FX) management

Protection and profit

Investors have woken up to the fact that currencies can be managed profitably. As a result, foreign exchange has become an important asset class in its own right.

RAM Capital can offer you a range of tailor-made tools for managing the risks and rewards of exposure to foreign currencies. These include currency overlays, FX managed account mandates, structured products on currencies, and FX consulting mandates.