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  • 23.02.2010 | Research

    Face of a New World - The Hedge Funds after the Crisis

    One of the most emotive issues for hedge funds during the crisis has been methods used by managers to defer providing liquidity when they received significant redemptions. In many less liquid asset classes, sales can only be made at significant discounts. This creates a dilemna between the rights of redeeming investor with urgent liquidity needs and the rights of remaining investors to have the value of the portfolio optimised.

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  • 11.01.2010 | Research

    Face of a New World - The Shariah Funds

    Even as banking segments like securitizing subprime mortgages and financing leveraged buyouts suffer from the current crisis, Islamic finance is seeing spectacular growth. Hedge funds have been blamed for the recent rout in financial stocks but some bankers say hedge fund tools such as derivatives can help Islamic banks manage risks as the industry grows beyond its traditional niche markets.

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