RAM Capital

A Dedicated Team

RAM Capital’s people have all been hand-picked based on both their professional skills and their ethical qualities i.e. their devotion to acting in our clients’ best interests. In a relatively small team such as ours, everyone counts,
and we are confident of offering you one of the international market’s top teams.

Our team leaders combine about 100 years’ experience in trading, investment and risk management in the fields of fixed income, equities, commodities and foreign exchange currency trading, gained in leading financial institutions prior to joining RAM Capital.

  • Mete Sarper

    Mete Sarper

    Partner & Board Member

    Mete is the Founder and CEO of RAM Capital SA in Geneva, which he set up in 2002.

    He was formerly treasurer of Turkish Bank (UK) Ltd. in London, which he had joined in 1988. In his capacity as treasurer, from 1995, he managed all the group’s investment policies and assets, including a portfolio of around USD 300 million invested in emerging markets. Prior to that, from 1991 to 1995, he headed up the bank’s foreign exchange and money market departments, developing substantial trade flows with Turkish banks and corporations and becoming one of the first Turkish market makers.

    Mete Sarper holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Webster University in Geneva, Switzerland.

  • Ogeday Topçular

    Ogeday Topçular

    Partner & Board Member

    Ogeday is a partner of RAM Capital and worked as an executive vice-president till 2017, which he joined in 2003. He was the head of the Asset Management department, where he had overall responsibility for portfolio management activities and the risk management and investment policies. He was formerly the company’s risk manager, in charge of developing and enhancing the risk management policies and their application to both funds and portfolios.

    The added value that he has contributed ranges from the development of new structured products and hedging techniques to the establishment of RAM Capital’s strict risk controls and reporting procedures. Ogeday was previously a valued member of Garanti Bank, where he worked in the Turkish Treasury and Risk Management department for seven years.

    He holds a Master’s degree in Finance from Lancaster University in the UK.